My PROMO video is here:

I’m VERY excited to share with you my new PROMOTIONAL VIDEO for my website. The NEW website will be launched on Monday. I’m so excited to have something that respresents ME perfectly. Thanks to Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films for putting together SUCH a slick video in less than ONE day from shooting it. MacLean and Erin, you have such a good thing going on! : )

Special shout out to my big bro, Richard aka…ricki , for lending me a swanky loft to shoot in. Holla to the cool bro!

And thanks to my TALENTED friend and actress, Ali Liebert for hooking me up with my-fellow-oprah-lover-and-seeker-of-good-things Make-Up artist, Amy Van Wormer.  She trudged her tool kit down the streets of East Van to get to my place early in the morning.  She applied my make-up and thankfully fixed my hair for me. haha That’s another story altogether.  Amy is big time, peeps.

And last, but certainly not least…thanks to Mckenzie and Nick for being sooooo flippin’ adorable as my ‘couple’ in the shoot.  They agreed to be a part of this without any expectations what so ever.  I met them literally 10 minutes before they said “action!”. They were more perfect than perfect and I have a crush on them both. For realz.

I think this video does a great job at representing exactly what I’m all about.  And really…I DO laugh this much on a shoot. Go check it.